National Hardware Show, TechTalk Requests

May 4 – 6, 2010, Las Vegas Convention Center, Las Vegas, Nevada

TechTalk last night was dominated by viewer call in requests for “cool” items for John and Anne to be on the look out for during their visit to the National Hardware Show this week.

While John and Anne are focusing on the Senior Viewpoint, it appears that once again they have “Stolen” the younger crowd.  Here are the top six items requested on the show and TextPoll.  Don’t forget to watch the TechTalk re-air on Wednesday at 7:00 p.m.  We are still working with the Grand Lodge to get this up on their big screens.  They use satellite and not cable, so re-airs my be our only option.  If you stay there, let them know you want TechTalk in the lounge on Mondays!

(1) Portable wall or door mounted hooks or hanging devices that can be removed with NO trace by a traveler/visitor.

(2) Self contained repair kits for pluming, drywall, general packaged tool kits, screw/bolt/fittings kits.

(3) Door and window seal that can be applied at low temperatures.

(4) Cordless tools with multiple uses including cordless gardening equipment.

(5) Portable CO / Smoke Detectors / Security Systems for the traveler.

(6) Portable battery operated appliances such as blenders.

I must admit, that I have little knowledge about the exhibitors that will be at this well attended convention/expo.

By, Scott Kraft, Technology Producer