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INFO COMM 10 5 – 11 June 2010

INFO COMM 10 5 – 11 JUNE 2010 There are shows that are beyond awesome. This is definitely one of them! Phase One of walking through the exhibits exposes you to TV screens in size beyond the imagination. The first thought of mine was: could we see the Lakers play Boston on this screen tonight? However, the next screens were even bigger and, for many men, this is better than sex (well, maybe!). If this was not enough, the next booth had the biggest screen in the world (I am sure there will be an even bigger one next year).

The screens were just the start! There were countless exhibitors displaying sound systems that make the first Star Wars kiddie pix. There were speaker podiums, with almost invisible (but powerful) microphones, that would make even me an awesome speaker. We went from there to surround sound and 3D with special glasses (like the old days but better). Most of the systems were designed for professional use. However, some one with deep pockets could certainly have a truly great time! Having deep pockets does come in handy at times.

I thought that the remote for our TV was complex — boy, was I wrong. There were remotes on display that could probably be programmed to order a pizza. I would have to take a class to figure some of them out.

On a serious note there was a display of a module that hospitals use to monitor patients. The people staffing West-Call were nice and explained all of the uses to me. At my Senior age, I am certain that it shall be seen by me from the patient’s bed. The module can monitor all of the body’s activities and relay that information to the nurse’s station, directly to the doctor or whoever requires it. The bed looked comfortable, but when I heard the price for just the bed — well, I did not ask if one could take a nap on it.

In my day, multi-media meant the speaker was showing slides with background sound coming from a tape machine. WOW! There were numerous displays that made the old method part of the Dark Ages! The world “connectivity” was in many of the brochures. My simplistic explanation was the fact that from a lap top an individual could control a multitude of audio-visual tools and make an awesome presentation.

The display by UNDER COVER attracted my attention. This company produces protective bags for audio visual tools as well as military equipment. Their top of the line gear protects everything from pianos to speaker cabinets.

From there to wireless touch panels and then on to a multitude of cable displays. This show was awesome. It took a dedicated Staff to make sure all went well. It is impossible to cover it all in one day (at least at my age I can well understand that the professionals attending needed three days to see the show as well as profit from the many workshops that were held. The Lakers lost the game, and I was glad not to have seen it on the very big screen. But one can dream!

By, John Lustig, Senior Reporter