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The Interns – Spring Break Las Vegas – Under 21 Style

Jaclyn and Kallie are on the road heading to Las Vegas.  It has been a wild but wonderful week covering the Bar & Nightclub show.  Jaclyn’s Thursday night roundup was dominated by callers wanting to know about the Wednesday Cosmo party at Marquee.  You will have to tune in Monday night to get the real scoop.

Right now, we are following up our Bar & Nightclub coverage with an intern special.  Spring Break in Las Vegas, under 21 style. The agenda is a surprise, so tune in at 6:50 pm each evening for Jaclyn and Kallie’s 10 minute wrap up and progress report.  No drinking but plenty of  partying under 21 style with the grand wrap up on Tech Talk March 21st for a full 30 minutes.

As our producers set the agenda and make last minute arrangements for the girls I can tell you that they have arrived in Las Vegas and thanks to our friends at Yummy House the team has been well fed and is ready for the first night of events.

Stay tuned and don’t miss the 6:50 pm wrap up each night including Saturday and Sunday.

YES YES YES there will be hookah lounges and teen (under 21) night clubs but the action does not stop at these well known places thanks to our friends at City Center and the Aria resort.  Now that we have said where, the only way to know when is to tune in and follow the girls!

PRODUCER NOTE:  The 6:50 pm wrap up will shorten not cancel Tech Talk and Senior Scope.  So please tune in for all your favorite programing as the regular time.

by, Richard Berk, Associate Producer