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Vacuums and Sewing

John Lustig may be making a quick appearance at the VDTA/SDTA (Vacuums and Sewing) convention in Las Vegas next week.

Join us on TECH TALK tonight (Sat 3/20/2010) where John Lustig will be present his “Freestyle” feature on Charles Weisenthal the inventor of the sewing machine.  Mr. Lustig will also have a surprise to show all those that thought that traveling and sewing were mutually exclusive!

Anyone out there interested in a  gas powered vacuum cleaner that  can go ZERO to SIXTY in 4.5 seconds?  Now that I have your attention don’t miss TECH TALK or the re-air on Monday and Wednesday night.

Finally, you can’t miss John’s wife Anne on Tuesday when “Crafty Crafters” returns after it’ 3 month hiatus.  Anne will introduce “Knitting by the Inch” where she will personally demonstrate 6 inches per minute.  BELIEVE IT!

The 2010 VDTA/SDTA Las Vegas Convention & Show:

Las Vegas NV, March 25 – 27, 2010
at the Las Vegas Convention Center, South Hall