Sex sells … so does Lingerie


This show was quite different from what I had expected.  My wife was with me but this column shall only dwell on my impressions.  The lingerie show is primarily intended to provide buyers with an opportunity to see new products and to order same.  Many of the exhibitors had desks and sales people available to take the orders.  I had anticipated seeing the type of merchandise seen at Macy’s, Nordstrom’s, and similar department stores.  What a shock as almost all of the products were designed to appeal to merchants selling products in line with Playboy, Playgirl and Hustler.  In addition to clothing that a 78 year old had never seen before, merchandise was on display to encourage sex, to help improve performance, plus things that I must admit had never heard or seen of before.  There were the displays that went beyond Viagra in helping provide full sexual pleasure.

The convention covered the size of multiple football fields.  This field is obviously a big seller.  In watching the booths and people walking through it appeared they were highly interested in the products and the profits they would bring.  Most of the buyers and sellers seemed oblivious of the models, male and female, that were displaying the merchandize.  The men in jock straps, the women scantily attired, and some with what appeared to be sprayed on “clothing” went around the exhibit area most of the time.

On a more practical level (more practical than Viagra?) were the broad range of shoes in bright colors and designs and heels that were extremely high.  One wondered how ladies could walk in them without requiring back surgery.

There were products for breast enhancement that aimed at a dual market:  those that wanted the enhancement as well as those who had surgery.  The clothing ranged from T-shirts with rather bold displays, to items that assisted in making sex between partners of either persuasion more fun.  There were a couple of companies displaying products that would make washing and drying safer.  There were also leggings, or stockings, on displayed the showed tattoos and avoided having to actually have same done.

It was an exhausting show, going through aisle after aisle.  There was a refreshment area for attendees that included breakfast, lunch as well as evening before the fashion show.  The refreshment area was appreciated. The fashion show displayed the merchandise on sale and leaned toward the humorous and risqué.  The music was aimed at a crowd much younger than I.  Most of the models were going through the exhibit all day, so there was nothing really new.  The convention, twice yearly, attracts a huge crowd of about 2000 people!  It appeared that most of them stayed for the show.

It would be impossible to describe 99% of the products seen in a family column!

The highlight, by far, was seeing the funny (and erotic in many cases) cards available.  Two samples were brought home to share with older family members!

By, John Lustig, Senior Reporter

Contributing Reporter: Anne Leona, “SeniorScope” Host and “Women’s Weekly” Editor