IBS (International Beauty Show) and the Esthetics, Cosmetics & Spa Conference


Both shows yielded much of great interest to Seniors despite the fact that most of the products are targeted to a much younger population.    Visiting both conferences on the same day was a true test of endurance but well worth the effort.

The Beauty Show demonstrated the huge market for hair, face, skin, hands and feet products that make women look and feel better — and most important younger and sexier.  Yes, sex still sells and companies are becoming aware that this interest applies to the older population as well as the younger one.  Almost all women work hard and spend money on products that make them feel better, younger and more appealing.  Companies demonstrated skin care products that promised miracles in making skin younger, smoother and softer to the touch.  One major change is the vast introduction of “green” products to the market place.  Many of products shown by companies were aimed at the day spas where women (mostly) go for nail care, facials, tanning, and a myriad of other options.  Not only were products shown, but also the chairs, tanning beds, salon chairs and so on to make the customer feel comfortable and luxurious.

In addition there was the demonstration of facial tables and tanning lamps.  These products all radiated glamour and am sure made the user “feel” good about themselves.  That is outstanding marketing!  One of the products that drew my attention was the VIBRAFIRM Trim’nTone.  This shortcut to a healthier, stronger, shapelier you — as the promotion read — is similar to a huge oversize scale with handles and readouts.  Actually, the base of the machine you stand on vibrates at settings and times you select, allow a broad range of exercise while sending vibrations throughout your body.  Awesome and expensive but if you find it in a gym or spa give it a try (with supervision!).

Until my daughter became a hair dresser (or cosmetologist) I never gave thought to the fact that healthy hair exists or is important.  If you attended this convention you would see aisles of products (all green) to help you achieve that goal.  The problem with many of them for retirees is the cost.  None of them are inexpensive and require regular use in washing, setting, etc. of hair.  My daughter explained that this applies to men also.  Since I am bald, there may be proof as I was ignorant of all of this.  There are a few products designed for men with shaved heads

There were also a couple of companies demonstrating products that temporarily remove wrinkles from the face and hands.  All of these products were useful for a night out, but could keep you too poor for dinner before.

One of my favorite products was: GLOP&GLAM!  This is a line of hair products for children!  It was quite colorful and claims to fill a needed niche! The flavors are chocolate, bubble gum, watermelon and any combination you wish to combine.  The hair product is “green” of course, and a hint of odor in the hair.  They come in a most attractive range of colors and designs.  Grandparents should have fun introducing their grandchildren to this product.

I enjoy cooking so was familiar with the MICROPLANE grater.  This was a gift and is awesome for grating lemon, orange peels as well as cheese.  I was quite surprised to see this company at a beauty show.  They make a wonderful line of products for “grating” defoliating skin, as well as a new product for grating salt.  Salt is one of the more amazing products on earth, and with this grater you can add sea salts from around the world to your now nutritional foods.

Would you believe a lip balm that helps with weight loss, gives you energy and a few other benefits?  Well, a Dr. Allan Kurtz has developed a lip balm that does all of those things.  We tried it, not sure whether it helped or not, but well worth giving it a whirl.  BURNER BALM, developed by a doctor, is the name of the company.

A product called “SATIN SERENITY” caught my interest.  The line included satin pillow cases and robes.  The pillow case is designed so that women who have just come from the hair dresser do not ruin that expensive hair do.  Satin is a product that both my mother and mother-in-law loved for softness but this additional reason make the product even more useful.  They also have a travel pillow that may, or may not, be allowed on airlines.  Since many now charge for renting an inexpensive (junkie) pillow this one might be a good investment.

Intriguing was another vendor who demonstrated a spray on tan.  You no longer need to go to a tanning salon and spend time on one of the beds.  You can now buy the product from BEAUBRONZ (made in London) and have someone apply it on you.  The question for Seniors is how you handle the parts of the body that have gone south, so to speak.  Stretching in all directions was the advice I received.

A small product from CLIPA is one that is low cost, a one time purchase, and very useful for all age groups.  This  is  “an instant handbag hanger”.  It can attach to a table at a restaurant (no longer sitting the purse on the floor and getting goop all over it) as well as being able to attach  to a stroller, a walker or wheelchair, and just about anywhere.

What is the “ph Factor”? And how important is this to your health?  Well, I did learn quite a bit from the presentation by St. Louis based Dermatologist Dr. Lawrence Samuels.  I asked for further information as to how the use of this can help Seniors with the skin and health products.  I could use a sample (large family size) as at age 78 there are many issues with skin and health.  When the information arrives I shall happily share it with you.

These two shows were huge.  Our feet were tired. However, we did stop and watch several demonstrations of proper hair cutting and styling.  My daughter would have enjoyed and learned more than I did.

There were no chocolate chip cookie rewards at the end of each aisle (a useful innovation) BUT— AMERICAN EXPRESS had a room with comfy chairs, cookies, coffee, tea, soda and small sandwiches or those with an AMEX card. Perhaps at the end of this long day the chairs were critical.  It was a pleasant ending to a long day.

Our hats are off to the staff that arranges all of this!  It was AWESOME!

By, John Lustig, Senior Reporter

Contributing Reporter: Anne Leona, “SeniorScope” Host and “Women’s Weekly” Editor