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A Taste of the Russian River Valley

July 21st, 2012

As you take in the grandeur that is the Russian River Valley, an overwhelming sense of affluence and simplicity can be felt. Through the dense and towering redwood forests and the open hills that are decorated with miles of vibrant grape vines the desire to taste a piece of the Russian River Valley is anything but escapable. Utah Channel 3 experienced the temptation and magnificence of this place as we too embarked on this lush land.

Our first stop was at the Porter Creek Winery where we experienced a fine selection of Chardonnay’s. Then it was off to Hop Kiln where we sampled delicious bread dipped in delightful pomegranate balsamic vinegar and sampled a Rosa Wine and a Twin Corners Pinot Noir that was very desirable. Next was a stopover at the Matrix winery where Pinot Noir was once again the wine to be tasted and on our way out we stopped to soak in the beauty that surrounded us. The Armida Winery was a culture of its own that offers a breath taking view that exhibits all the splendor that is the Russian River Valley and of course wine bottles labeled as poizin that come with a commemorative coffin. Last but not least was the Cahill Winery that offered an array of curious and bold tasting infusions. We shared a taste of the Grape Passion Vinegar-like Sauce that was decadent and overflowing with flavor. The exotic and sweet Asian Pear Eau-de-Vie is something that only can be experienced in a place that is so rich in flavor and culture as this, the Russian River Valley.

By, James Thorne, Reporter II / Editor

Contributing Reporter – Jill Lustig