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Jaclyn – SUU Intern – Entertainment Reporter is Turning 21

OK, my followers were all a bit upset when my producer nixed the Spring Break Las Vegas Style piece for 2012.  But have no fear.  I have been approval to do an article on “Las Vegas, a Playground for Young Adults, NOT Just High Rollers”.  This article will be written around my 21st birthday party in Las Vegas from the 2nd through the 5th of January.  Complete with a lot of photos from the event.

This piece is going to show how young adults can enjoy Las Vegas in a responsible manner.  I.e. Las Vegas as the “new Disneyland”.  We will club, gamble and attend shows.  I know Vegas … and I will finally get to “live Vegas”.  I promise that even the most experience Vegas goers will get something out of this article.

While I have been covering the clubbing and show scene in Las Vegas as a pre-21 year old, I will now be there in person and not be forced to report as a 3rd party.

Please send me your comments as you did for the cancelled Spring Break coverage (may happen 2013) so I can plan this event.

I hope to see a lot of you in Las Vegas and of course NO drinking and driving, as we adopt the 12 hour rule!

“No driving for 12 hours after the last alcohol touches your lips,

A hard fast rule that if violated will end our friendship.”

I will be using twitter as usual during the event, but stay tuned to the CH3 website for breaking birthday news.

As always I will be relying on Chris Hornak, the greatest Las Vegas promoter of all times, to choreograph this event!

See you in January … two months and counting.

Oh, and a big thank you to associate producer Richard Berk for his support and approval of this article.

By Jaclyn, Entertainment Reporter, SUU Intern