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Women, Hair, and Fake Products


Many women have special hair problems and needs once they pass the age of 50.   Some have those issues earlier due to genetic or dietary issues.  There have been too many “fake” products on the market that create the illusion that those problems can be resolved.  Rogaine is a sample product that promises hair restoration, but has to be used for the rest of one’s years at a rather high cost.  There are many other products that women can buy:  products that make the hair look thicker by filling out their existing hair, as well as actual wigs that run the gamut from expensive to super expensive.  Women may often have more than one wig:  one for daily wear, one for weekend, and a “going to a party wig”. All of the wigs require extensive care and maintenance, often not mentioned at the time of sale.

Valid products that keep hair “in shape” are quite REAL and most often sold by professionals. They use organic products that promote healthy hair rather than kill it.  It is a treacherous market and one that is constantly changing.

It is sometimes quite difficult to get useful, real, information on how to maintain ones hair.  Men can escape by making bald the equivalent of beautiful but women have been denied that opportunity through marketing by hair and beauty care products.

Women look forward to some clarity in the market place.  The valued beautician is the one who can cover up bad hair, cover up bald spots, and make women feel great about themselves.

By, Anne Leona, “SeniorScope” Host and “Women’s Weekly” Editor

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