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National Hardware Show, TechTalk Requests

May 7 – 9, 2013, Las Vegas Convention Center, Las Vegas, Nevada

TechTalk last night was dominated once again by viewer call in requests for “cool” items for the Channel 3 teams be on the look out for during their visit to the National Hardware Show next week.

Alyssa Amber will be coordinating the on-site call in requests and website live coverage.   Here are the top six items requested on the show and TextPoll.  Don’t forget to watch the TechTalk re-air on Wednesday at 7:00 p.m.  This will be shown at the Hilton on their big screens.

(1) Portable wall or door mounted hooks or hanging devices that can be removed with NO trace by a traveler/visitor. (repeat from 2010)

(2) Self contained repair kits for concrete (continuation from World of Concrete, except more DIY)

(3) Cordless door bells (focus on remote units that will work in multiple rooms)

(4) Cordless garden equipment

(5) Portable door alarms for travelers (continuation from ISC West coverage)

(6) BBQ and Blenders (tailgate party focus)

Alyssa and her crew will be accepting requests all day on Monday, the day prior to the start of the convention.  Call is will not be accepted that evening on TechTalk as the first two shows in May are pre-recorded (not live as usual).  Richard Berk will also be onsite with his Senior Scope team but will not be accepting live requests as in the past.

By, Alyssa Amber, Las Vegas Convention Coverage Coordinator, Reporter I

Alyssa will be supported by SUU intern Brandon Olcott, Jaclyn Elizabeth and photographer Dallen Olcott