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AAPEX 2023 (Automotive aftermarket professionals)

Once again the Utah Channel 3 team will be coming to Las Vegas October 31 to November 2, 2023 but this time our focus is on AAPEX and not SEMA. The fast majority of our reviews involves technology in after market products, so that will be our focus this year.

As always, April Fischer will lead the team to scour the exhibit hall for new and innovative technology. She will be accompanied by Richard Berk, our executive producer and Scott Kraft with TechTalk.

April will focus on exhaust system, safety systems (6 point harnesses, fire suits (1, 2 and 3 layers) and helps that meet the standards of open street racing and which are required for what speed classes.

Automotive aftermarket professionals come to AAPEX from all over the world to see what’s happening now and get a first look at the disruptive trends and technologies that are coming down the pipeline. This trade-only annual event brings together every aspect of the more than $1 trillion global automotive aftermarket industry, creating an environment unlike any other. It’s where everyone involved in keeping cars on the road comes to connect over similar challenges, exchange ideas, form powerful relationships and close deals.

By, Scott Kraft, Technology Producer – TechTalk & April Fischer, Technology Specialist.

April Fisher is a field reporter with expertise in the automotive industry. April also coverers technology used in construction when she is not out and about racing her 1997 RED Corvette and covering the automotive industry.

Scott Kraft is the Technology Producer for Utah Channel 3. He is a degreed Electrical Engineer that applies engineering testing/procedures to products that are of technical interest to those participating in sporting activities in Southern Utah.