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Nightclub & Bar Convention and Trade Show Pre-Show Event

Last night was the first of three … nights of parties that is.  As the Nightclub & Bar Convention gets ready to start on Tuesday, the first round of parties set the stage.  First off, let me tell you that these trade show attendees KNOW how to throw a party and how to party.  As the rest of the Channel 3 crew prepared for the Tuesday exhibit floor opening and their many scheduled interviews, I decided to check out the night life.  After a great “get to know everyone” mixer at Caesars Ball Room, the night went into high gear at the year old HAZE nightclub at the Aria Resort (City Center).

The bad news … we were denied camera access.  The good news … the folk here at NCB who put on this convention will be supplying the station with some great footage we can use on the air.

Arriving at Haze I had to wonder how I was going to keep my “high tech” search goals in check as I stepped into this amazing venue.  But luck would have it that I ran into a young, 24 year old, entrepreneur named Anthony who was representing Cool Hand Lukes out of Modesto California.  It was immediately evident that Anthony was not your typical “young kid” in the business.  Anthony is driven, going places,  and it turns out well connected.  Anthony introduced me to the folks at Cold House Vodka in their private booth in prime real estate behind the DJ area at HAZE.

As I spoke to various Cold House Vodka folks, I found my high tech story in a low tech area.  Cold House Vodka is different says Lee Palleschi (founder), because “I went back to the basics”.  A 5 times distilled Vodka reported to be smoother than smooth, Cold House Vodka is positioned to be top self yet affordable.  In these economic times, I am compelled to take a further look and will do so on the floor Tuesday.

Although Wednesday’s Tech Talk will focus on technology the crew finds at the show, I have a “moonshine” surprise that will fit right in with James Thorne’s “All About Utah” segment in April.  Moonshine in Utah?  … OH YEA!

by, Scott Kraft, Technology Producer & Host of Tech Talk