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Sporting Clays Shot Show 2024

Your channel 3 crew is looking forward to the 2024 Shot Show Range Day and especially our focus on women in the sport of shooting. At the Shot Show 2022, Sarah Barlow one of our newest field reporters, had the chance to go through the “Shoot Like a Girl” trailer, her first exposure to firearms. Well, Sarah got the firearms bug and is looking forward to exploring her newfound passion of sporting clays at this years Shot Show (2024).

How do you learn and become exposed to this wonderful sport?

Sporting clays is a popular shotgun sport that simulates various hunting scenarios by sending clay targets (often called “birds”) flying through the air in different directions. Here are steps to help you get started with sporting clays:

  1. Safety First:
    • Before you even think about shooting, familiarize yourself with firearm safety rules. Always treat your gun as if it’s loaded, keep it pointed in a safe direction, and never put your finger on the trigger until you’re ready to shoot.
  2. Find a Local Club or Range:
    • Locate a sporting clays club or range near you. These facilities are equipped with machines that launch the clay targets, and they often offer rental shotguns for beginners. Many clubs also have instructors to help newcomers.
  3. Visit the Club:
    • Pay a visit to the sporting clays club to get a feel for the environment. You can watch other shooters and observe how the sport is played. Talk to club members, staff, or instructors to gather information and ask questions.
  4. Take a Lesson:
    • If you’re new to shooting or haven’t had much experience with shotguns, consider taking a lesson from a qualified instructor. They can teach you proper gun handling, stance, aiming, and shooting techniques. This will ensure that you start on the right foot.
  5. Gear Up:
    • If you enjoy the sport after a few visits, you may want to invest in your own shotgun, eye and ear protection, and a shooting vest or pouch to carry your shells. Make sure the shotgun is suitable for sporting clays, as different courses may have varying target distances and angles.
  6. Practice:
    • Spend time practicing at the range to improve your skills. This sport requires hand-eye coordination, tracking moving targets, and adjusting your aim quickly.
  7. Participate in Events:
    • Sporting clays clubs often host organized events or tournaments. Participate in these to challenge yourself and meet fellow enthusiasts. It’s a great way to gauge your progress and improve your skills.
  8. Learn the Rules:
    • Understand the rules and etiquette of the sport. Sporting clays has specific regulations about how to handle a shotgun, how to approach a shooting station, and how targets are scored. Familiarity with these rules is essential.
  9. Stay Safe and Enjoy:
    • Keep safety in mind at all times. Sporting clays is a fun and social sport, so remember to enjoy the experience. Don’t get discouraged if you miss targets; it’s all part of the learning process.
  10. Continue Learning:
    • As with any sport, continuous learning is crucial for improvement. Seek guidance from experienced shooters, watch instructional videos, and read books on the subject to enhance your skills.

Sporting clays is a challenging and enjoyable sport that offers a wide variety of shooting scenarios. It can be a fantastic way to enjoy the outdoors, improve your shooting skills, and connect with fellow enthusiasts.

Stick with Sarah and the Channel 3 team as they explore the 2024 Shot Show and Sarah reports from her “women’s” perspective as she explores her new found love of firearms.

By, Sarah Barlow, Field Reporter II & Scott Kraft, Technology Producer – TechTalk, April Fischer, Technology Specialist

Sarah Barlow is a senior field reporter for Utah Channel 3 with a broad focus on technology that improves safety and promotes winter and summer sports found in Southern Utah.

Scott Kraft is the Technology Producer for Utah Channel 3. He is a degreed Electrical Engineer that applies engineering testing/procedures to products that are of technical interest to those participating in sporting activities in Southern Utah.

April Fisher is a field reporter with expertise in the automotive industry. April also coverers technology used in construction when she is not out and about racing her 1997 RED Corvette and covering the automotive industry.