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Non-Alcoholic Beverages Targeting Adults

Non-alcoholic beverages targeting adults have seen a surge in popularity in recent years, driven by various factors including health-conscious consumers, designated drivers, and individuals who simply prefer not to consume alcohol. Here are some examples of non-alcoholic beverages that cater to adult tastes:

  1. Craft Mocktails: These are non-alcoholic versions of classic cocktails crafted with high-quality ingredients, often featuring complex flavors and innovative combinations. They offer the sophistication and experience of cocktails without the alcohol.
  2. Alcohol-Free Beer and Wine: Many breweries and wineries produce alcohol-free versions of their beverages, which mimic the taste and aroma of traditional beer and wine without the alcohol content. These are often enjoyed by individuals looking to reduce their alcohol intake but still enjoy the taste of beer or wine.
  3. Spirit Alternatives: Distilleries and beverage companies are creating non-alcoholic alternatives to spirits like gin, vodka, and whiskey. These alternatives often capture the essence of the original spirit through botanicals, spices, and other flavorings, providing a similar drinking experience without the alcohol.
  4. Low-ABV Drinks: Beverages with a low alcohol by volume (ABV), such as spritzers and session cocktails, are gaining popularity among adults who want to enjoy a drink with a lower alcohol content. These beverages offer a lighter drinking experience while still retaining some alcohol content.
  5. Functional Beverages: Adult-targeted non-alcoholic drinks also include functional beverages like adaptogenic elixirs, herbal tonics, and wellness shots. These beverages often contain ingredients believed to provide health benefits such as reducing stress, improving focus, or boosting immunity.
  6. Premium Soft Drinks: Upscale, artisanal soft drinks made with natural ingredients and unique flavor profiles are appealing to adults seeking sophisticated alternatives to traditional sodas. These drinks often come in stylish packaging and are marketed as premium alternatives to mainstream soft drinks.
  7. Sparkling Water and Seltzers: Sparkling water brands, particularly those offering flavored varieties, have become immensely popular among adults seeking refreshing, low-calorie alternatives to sugary beverages and alcohol.

Overall, the market for non-alcoholic beverages targeting adults continues to grow, driven by evolving consumer preferences and a desire for healthier, more diverse drink options.

Utah Channel 3 will be featuring several segments on these non-alcoholic beverages after the annual Bar & Restaurant Expo (formally Nightclub & Bar Show) this month. Please let your Utah Channel 3 crew know your favorites as well as where you go to find them. We plan on mixing and tasting over 50 non-alcoholic drinks and then publishing the BHTV top 10 list and updating it on a regular basis.

We expect to have Richard Berk join us to discuss the pros-cons of non-alcoholic beverages vs. alcoholic beverages from a medical perspective. Dr. Berk has always promoted moderation in drinking and you may be surprised at the health benefits of alcohol. Stay tuned!

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by, Scott Kraft, Tech Producer (TechTalk Host), Sarah Barlow, Field Reporter II, April Fischer, Technology Specialist, Richard Berk, Medical Specialist.

April Fisher is a field reporter with expertise in the automotive industry. April also coverers technology used in construction when she is not out and about racing her 1997 RED Corvette and covering the automotive industry.

Scott Kraft is the Technology Producer for Utah Channel 3. He is a degreed Electrical Engineer that applies engineering testing/procedures to products that are of technical interest to those participating in sporting activities in Southern Utah.

Sarah Barlow is a senior field reporter for Utah Channel 3 with a broad focus on technology that improves safety and promotes winter and summer sports found in Southern Utah.

Richard Berk is the Executive Producer for Utah Channel 3. Richard’s field of expertise is the medical field and covers medical conventions when he is not producing Utah Channel 3 content. Richard also shares the passion of outdoor sports as do all members of BHTV.